Aaron Cameron, CSP – Region VIII Vice President

Aug 09, 2016

Hello – my name is Aaron Cameron and I serve Region 8 as your RVP.  I put together some guidance in the attached slide deck that may be helpful to you.…/ASSE-Region-VIII-President-Orientation.pptx It outlines all the resources ASSE Region VIII President Orientation you have available, introduces you to the team and what responsibilities you have (and hopefully understand).

As part of the Regional Operating Committee (ROC), all Chapter Presidents and Area Directors must attend the semi-annual ROC meetings.  These are held in the Fall and Spring and offer us an opportunity to take care of regional, area, chapter and section business, to report out our best practices and up-to-date standings and to network as safety professionals.  We’ll be holding our Fall ROC on September 30, 2016 from 9-11am in webinar format.  All the materials you’ll need to prepare for the meeting will be sent to you to share with your exec board in advance of the meeting so you can review.  We can then discuss your commentary during the actual meeting.  This will not one of those ‘hit-the-mute-button-and-work’ kind of meetings.  That’s why it’ll short, to the point and should be mutual beneficial.  You can sit on the call yourself and have other members of your exec board present (though they will not be voting members).   Our goal is 100% Region 8 participation.