Region VIII Operating Committee

ASSP’s Region VIII leadership is comprised of the Regional Vice President, the Area Directors and other key contacts.  The list below displays the key names and contact information for the Regional Operating Committee (ROC).  The ROC meets on a periodic basis to uphold the Society’s overall mission and maintain focus on advancing the safety profession.  ASSP members are encouraged to communicate with the ROC members to enable a fluid exchange of ideas and information to help keep ASSP the organization that it is today – the oldest and largest professional safety organization in existence.

Use the Contact Us page to email the ASSP Region VIII Leadership.

  • Regional Vice President
    Patrick Karol, CSP, ARM, SMS, CIT
  • Deputy RVP
    Mike McGee
  • Treasurer
    Eric Voight
  • Area Director – Empire Area
    Gregory Devlin, CSP
  • Area Director – Keystone Area
    Tannis Marquette
  • Area Director – Metro Area
    Charles Keeling
  • Area Director – New England Area
    Michael Fandell, CSP
  • ARVP – Social Media
    Anthony Krake
  • ARVP – Recognition, Honors, & Awards
    Dan Rollino
  • ARVP – Logistics
    John Spath, CSP, ASP
  • ARVP – Government Affairs
    Bob Coffey, CSP
  • ARVP – Student Section
    Cindy Medford, CSP